Letting Go (JUST BREATHE Ephemera Book 2)

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  4. Prodigy star Keith Flint's personal possessions to go on sale at auction to settle estate
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The album is completely irreverent, funny, over-the-top and musically satisfying. Come to think of it, all of this great stuff in the next few months is sure to bring me the mojo! I hope everyone has a great couple of months, and I hope to see you at a show!

In the meantime… the Broadway show is closing, and while a part of me is greatly saddened, another part of me is satisfied with the fun and successful run. Broadway shows close, it happens all the time. Endings bring new beginnings, and for John Gallagher, Jr. While there are new adventures to bring on, I will never experience again a Broadway show like American Idiot. Dogtags by Abbey Fox. Photo by Michelle Lawlor, Lucky 17 Photography. All I can say is thanks, Broadway, for making it possible.

The Novella

Jimmies, and of course, Green Day itself for creating those very seconds that will be missed. Missed but not forgotten, even as they fade away into memory. The Green Day Authority invited me onto the podcast earlier this week to talk about the Broadway show as well as the upcoming movie. New York Daily News article on the Greenday. But first… My favorite seconds… my blog being mentioned at the American Idiot talkbacks:. Your "Griller" CD is coming your way, baby! Does anybody else see that pink bunny up there, or have I just been drinking too much lately?

Thanks to everyone who entered! I know that the questions were a bit frustrating, but hey, welcome to my world! Only one person correctly answered all twelve questions and he was also the first person to send his answers in. Literally… The first person.

Just Breathe Ephemera Series by Kendall Grey

Congratulations, Gabriel Bernard! You win a CD that I am pretty sure you already own! Cover design by Jon Carling. The second place winner is Marisa Graham. The album that Chandler lead singer of the Frustrators and graphic artist designed the cover, CD, and booklet art for, Meal Deal with the Devil!

See below for more! Sorry about that, Marisa! But, on a bright note, you won what you wanted… the Frustrators bag.

A blog about experimental animation

A shout out goes to Crystal S. See below for the answer! Gabriel and Marisa, send me your mailing addresses at greendaymind gmail. Or just wait until I email you, one or the other! I have to say, it was great fun looking this stuff up! Might as Well Can't Dance - "Trout" - AR Each record released by Adeline is numbered in the Adeline logo by the order of release. In fact, I had to ask where to find it! But I did try at first. It was cheesy. We liked it.

So now we were frustrated. And that is where the name came from. The three mixed-gender roommates lived together because of the cheap California rent and hung out at the local bar called the Regal Beagle.

Prodigy star Keith Flint's personal possessions to go on sale at auction to settle estate

Their landlords were Mr. Roper classic comic genius Norman Fell was opposed to a mixed-gender living arrangement if the man was straight, so Jack had to constantly pretend that he was gay in order to satisfy Mr. Roper the wonderfully wry Audra Lindley, seldom without a drink in her hand loved her dopey, but cheap husband and liked the tenants, and she knew that Jack was straight.

Jack also had the heavy hots for busty and blonde Chrissy. Believe me, hilarity ensued. It was a show full of classic comedic pratfalls, subterfuge, innuendo, double entendres, and boobs. Ah, the 70s. Oh and yea, cowboys, too. Art Tedeschi, drummer of The Frustrators, is a former makeup artist among other professions, and sculpts and does life casts for fun. He sculpted the zombie image of Stanley the Chicken. He is the Zombie Stanley! I even modeled for the make-up artist that ran the dept.

He gave me a vampire forehead and when I wore it outside, no one seemed to notice. The sculpted head is pretty amazing, and the details and coloring are nicely done! I did not ask what the inspiration was for the Zombie Stanley sculpture. Jason White was on tour with the Influents during this performance and Terry stepped in for him. Terry is also in a band called Hope Anchor. I was listening to this compilation celebrating the th release of the independent record company, 75orLess , and there are some gems on it! The download is free, so check out Hope Anchor as well as the other local bands that appear on the free download.

Joy McQueefy, Punk Princess! Find her on Facebook, where she occasionally gives out punk beauty wisdom such as:. I looked awesome for a few minutes there, and will do it again just as soon as my stupid antibiotics run their course.

The first-ever live performance by the Frustrators took place at an outdoor vintage car event called the Backyard Believers, a week or so before the Gilman show, which took place on August 20, ! The answer to this question is found in the link below, though the Backyard Believers part was a bit more difficult to track down on the Internet. The Wayback Machine Archive of the Frustrators old website had to help me with that one. The Wayback Machine Archive has links to two photos of that first show, but the links are dead.

I think Gilman was our 2nd show, and maybe the first one where we called ourselves the Frustrators. It was our first indoor show so it was nice.

Reddit Steroids Wiki

The shows were for an Adeline Records showcase. An archive of old postings at Greenday. Check out the surf rock Frustrators at their Bandzone.

Last Chance

One of the bands were Loudstuff from Italy. The other was The Razorblades from Brazil.