Microelectronics 2nd Edition (Electronics Handbook Series)

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Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Electronics Handbook Series

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Electronics Handbook Series - Routledge

Department of Sharia and Law. Department of Statistics. Department of Urdu. Department of Zoology. Library Rules. Library Services. Each device is introduced by presenting a simple physical representation of the internal behavior of the device. This text gives basic applications of the digital and analog of the circuit element. Students can easily understand the analysis of the devices and circuit explained in this book.

The principal idea concerned in the book is based upon the analysis and design of electronic circuit and subsystem. This book is proposed for the engineers, post graduates and other electronic designers. It considers devices applied to process analog signals in instrument making, automation, measurements, and other branches of technology. This book deals with modern devices for analog signal processing. It is mainly focused about the devices integral operational amplifiers op-amps and electronic devices based on them, including scaling, summing, integrating, and filtering linear devices.

It consists of seven chapters. First chapter concerns the design of modern operational amplifiers. Features of linear and nonlinear operations with signals are considered in second chapter.

Electronics Handbook Series

Various op-amps like inverting, non-inverting, summing, and instrumental amplifiers with the normalized gain are discussed in third chapter. Fourth chapter deals with the various non linear devices as comparators, logarithmators, rectifiers, limiters, functional signal converters. This book is very much helpful for the industrial electronics engineer. The field of industrial electronics covers a plethora of problems that must be solved in industrial practice. An industrial electronics engineer deals with many physical devices as well as the sensors used to measure the processes.

Thus, the knowledge required by this type of engineer is not only traditional electronics but also specialized electronics high-power electronics. Industrial electronic engineer must also posses the knowledge about areas of control and mechatronics. Since industrial processes are relatively complex so use of communication system gives the efficient control. The efficient control and supervision of factories require the application of intelligent systems such as neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary methods.

All the above mentioned problems are addressed in this book. This book contains the five sub books. They are Fundamentals of industrial electronics, Power electronics and motor drives, Control and mechatronics, Industrial communication systems and intelligent systems. Fundamentals of industrial electronics cover the basic idea about the various signals and circuits and its processing like analog and digital signal processing.

Second book deals with the power electronics that are operated at high voltages and their applications. Remaining books deal with advance tools that are used in industrial sector related to the electronic concepts. Electronics circuits and systems book written for wide variety courses in the electronics.

This book gives the basic idea of the components. It is essentially practical in its approach.

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After reading this book, reader is able to assemble and test real circuits in their laboratories. This is useful for the class lectures and also self learning. This whole book is divided into three parts. In first part the author considers the various circuit components like diodes, transistors, counters, registers, op-amps, logic circuits etc and their operations. Part two explains about various systems like audio, video, telecommunication, control systems etc.

Part three deals with micro electronics systems, programming concepts etc. Addition to all these this book shows how circuit behavior may be studied with a computer, using circuit simulator software. All the devices are explained by the example circuits. Hardware and software concepts are evenhandedly covered. Owing the weight age to architecture, programming and design aspect features of microprocessors and other software design methodologies, this book covers to the extent which gives the overall idea about the embedded systems.

This book contains twelve chapters, much number of solved examples, figures, review questions and practical exercises. This book is intended for those persons who need to understand the modern electronics and communications. The main objective of this book is to improve the knowledge in digital technology. Advantage of this book is in presenting and teaching circuits, electronics and digital communication from a single book.

This book is differing from the other books regards length, structure and emphasis of the content. It consists of nine chapters, each chapter being distinctive to the other in terms of the content but all these summed up for the common technology. These chapters include circuit fundamentals, AC circuits, diode applications, semi-conductor diodes and transistors, practical amplifier circuits, operational amplifiers, digital electronics, digital computers and digital systems. It provides sufficiently deep understanding of this subject for students to interact intelligently with other engineers.

This book is intended for those who have not had the formal training in the physical sciences and mathematics as well as for those who want to understand the functional operation of automotive electronic systems. This book is extensive revision of the previous versions based on the reviews and suggestions. It is mainly focused on the analytical models and quantitative performance analysis of electronic components and their subsystems found in the automobile field.